Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are the best treatment option for most of our Pennsylvania patients with hearing loss, but choosing the right devices for your individual needs isn’t always easy. Today’s digital hearing aids offer patients unprecedented options in style and functionality. You should expect to spend some time with your audiologist as you narrow down your options and choose your new hearing aids. As you go through this process, there are several important and helpful factors to keep in mind.

First, you’ll need to see an ASK Physicians Hearing Centers audiologist for a hearing evaluation to get more information about your hearing loss. A hearing exam will reveal the severity of your impairment, which is measured in decibels. Your hearing ability will fit into one of seven categories ranging from normal (-10 to 15 dB) to profoundly deaf (91+ dB).

Frequency is an equally important factor to consider as you are choosing a hearing aid. Most people with hearing loss struggle to hear high-frequency sounds, though everyone’s range of impairment is unique. You’ll need to choose a hearing aid that targets the frequencies you have trouble comprehending. Many state-of-the-art digital devices available today can be programmed to amplify the specific range of sounds you struggle to hear.

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Functionality is another important aspect in choosing the right hearing aids. There are more features available today than ever before, and you’ll need to decide which ones will best serve your hearing and lifestyle needs. Some examples of popular features among our Pennsylvania patients include directional microphones, feedback suppression, digital noise reduction, automatic volume control, remote controlling and Bluetooth connectivity. The nanotechnology required for these features is very complex, which means feature-laden hearing aids come with a higher price tag. It’s important to spend time talking with your audiologist to determine which features will benefit you most.

Lifestyle is one of the most important factors in choosing your new hearing aid. Your doctor will explain the different lifestyle levels and which hearing aids have the features and functionality to work best for you. Hearing aids for quieter lifestyles tend to be less expensive because they require fewer features. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you may need to spend more for hearing aids that are as dynamic as you are. While this may seem like a big investment, it’s extremely important to get the right hearing aids for your health and happiness. We offer flexible payment options at ASK Physicians Hearing Centers to help you stick to your budget.

Finally, your cosmetic preferences will play into your decision when selecting hearing aids. Some Pennsylvania patients prefer small devices that are virtually invisible to others. Other patients opt for larger devices that are easier to handle and use larger batteries with a longer lifespan.