Hearing Aid Repairs

Since hearing aids are so tiny, it’s easy to forget how much amazing technology is enclosed within their casings. Today’s hearing aids have several layers of protection built in, all of which work to prevent damage to their computerized components. However, you can still expect your devices to encounter occasional problems throughout their lifespan.

hearing aid repairs -  Ask physicians - Wynnewood - Havertown - Paoli PAWhen you receive your new devices from ASK Physicians Hearing Centers, your audiologist will explain how to keep them well-maintained and working their best. Along with your daily cleaning routine, we highly recommend bringing your hearing aids in for routine maintenance appointments 2–4 times per year. During these appointments, your audiologist will check that your devices are functioning correctly, adjust programming as needed and perform a professional cleaning.

As you use your hearing aids, you may run into some problems. Several common problems can be addressed at home using the basic troubleshooting tips below. If you’re encountering a different problem or your issue isn’t resolved after you try these methods, give our Havertown or Paoli clinic a call.

At-Home Hearing Aid Repairs

If you’re experiencing…

  • Feedback or whistling—This can be caused by an earwax buildup or an improperly inserted hearing aid. First, try removing and reinserting your device. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, come see one of our audiologists to check for excess earwax.
  • No sound—A nonfunctioning hearing aid may have a dead battery or a clogged microphone or sound outlet. If replacing the battery doesn’t help, try cleaning the sound outlet, changing the wax filter or cleaning the microphone carefully with a cleaning tool.
  • Distorted or unclear sound—Strange sounds are often caused by a problem with the battery or battery contacts. Try cleaning the battery surfaces and contacts with a dry cloth, opening and closing the battery compartment and replacing the battery. Your hearing aid may also have accidentally been switched to “telecoil” mode, so ensure it’s set on “microphone.”